Our Items

We have a long list of things we make everyday from bread: Sourdough, Country French, Deli-Rye, Whole Wheat, Brioche, Rolls, Dinner Rolls,  and more, to pastries such as almond croissants, danish, brownies, maple bacon biscuits, cookies, and we do cakes and pies.  Cakes and pies are special order, but we do have  “mini pies” in the case for sampling.

Our sourdough comes from a starter that we have had for 6 years and is made in the traditional French boule style and baked in a deck oven.

Occasionally people call us or come in and ask us to  replicate an old family favorite.  That is our specialty,  providing the customer with what they want, whether it is Grandmas special pie or something they saw in a magazine.