Bakery Orders

Phone Orders: 805-770-3109
Email Orders:

All of our items are available to wholesale and retail customers, both from our bakery and at our bakery counter at Scarlett Begonia. Check our current price lists for all of the amazing baked goods we offer:


Special Orders
Pie and cake orders require 48 hours notice.*
All bread and pastry items require 24 hours notice.
Certain retail items such as brioche buns and dinner rolls are offered in packs of 8 or 12 only.

Wholesale prices require a minimum order of $150 per week.

Catering prices are for licensed caterers and wholesale customers who fall under the $150 minimum. As determined by Deux Management, these customers will receive 30% off retail.

Delivery is available. Fee is dependent upon mileage and time of delivery.

*All special order pies receive a glass dish. In order to receive another pie, all customers are required to return the dish. Absolutely no exceptions.